MONDAY – To go to Edinburgh Deaf Club to view Deaf History in Edinburgh exhibition and presentations on its 180 years of services, please visit Deaf Action, 49 Albany Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3QY for 18:30.  How to get there? By bus nos. 14 or 30.

TUESDAY – Registration will be open for all – please remember to collect your badges and goodies.  There is also option to purchase Banquet tickets for Saturday night.  There is also opportunity to go on Scottish Tours – Whisky Tour for TUESDAY at 14:15 and Royal Britannia for SATURDAY at 14:00.  To avoid delay in bookings, please go to http://www.casheltravel.com/dhi2015 NOW.

For other talks and tours such as Walter Geikie, Deaf Artist and Edinburgh Deaf Heritage Walk please visit:

Walter Geikie – http://www.dhi2015.com/conference-information/walter-geikes-art-talk/
The Geikie talk will take place in the City Art Centre, 2 Market Street, Edinburgh, EH 1 1DE

Edinburgh Deaf Heritage Walk – http://www.dhi2015.com/conference-information/edinburgh-deaf-heritage-walking-tour/
Meet at Pollock Halls Reception for the walk to start.

Please e-mail me at gordonhay007@hotmail.com to PUT YOU NAME DOWN BEFORE it gets filled up!


We look forward to seeing you all in Edinburgh for a fantastic 9th DHI Conference!

Sincerely yours,

Gordon Hay

On behalf of the DHI2015 Organising Committee